Welcome to Warsaw!

We waved good-bye to our hotel in Krakow to begin our long and incredibly bumpy ride to Warsaw. Partway we stopped in Lodz to visit the Museum Sztuki. This museum was mainly modern art, and showed the history of Poland from top to bottom. The museum staff recommended beginning at the top floor and working our way down.


As one of the oldest modern art museums in the world it appeared to be rather new on the interior. The floors told the story of Poland through paintings, sculptures, videos and photos. Many of these had advertisements about the Polish revolution. In one room there was a large sculpture that looked like a street cart stand that was covered in advertisements and different symbols of the revolution.

A lot of the artwork was on the darker side, due to the Russian influence in Poland at the time implying the mood of the artists. The Russian influence was also very strong in Warsaw as well.This influence was seen everywhere from castles, to memorials. Krakow was very different from this as we did not see as many Russian influences besides the excessive amount of fur. Just in our short bus tour around the city we saw many differences from the age of the buildings as most of Warsaw had been destroyed during the Second World War, but had been rebuilt. In Krakow we did not see as many skyscraper buildings as we did in Warsaw as well as a great number of digital advertisements on LCD screens at the top of buildings such as Coca-Cola, and LG.


The city also appeared to be more spread out as we were walking back to our hotel, with lots of tourist traps with street vendors and millions of Christmas lights.We kept joking about purchasing miniature sleds we saw many of the children riding on while their parents pulled the around to soothe our aching feet. Something that will be very helpful in the coming days are the city maps that are strategically placed all over the city. Krakow did not have these, which allowed us to get lost easier when some of the streets wind and twist in a million directions.

We head out bright and early for our walking tour on what is supposed to be the coldest day of the week! Check back tomorrow for an update!

Jennifer C. Bailey


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