Exercise in Poland

Looking into our product category has been a little more difficult thus far in Poland. Walking around and looking in magazines, newspapers, etc we were really not finding any advertisements. This seemed strange considering all the advertisements focused on fitness that we are used to seeing in the United States.

The first time we actually interacted with our product was in the first mall we went to. The exercise equipment was quite smaller and less bulky than we are used to. It wasn’t the focus in the store either, it was more of a small collection because it related to the other products in InterSports store. The equipment we found was also a lot cheaper than we are used to seeing. Only 100-400 zloty which is equivalent to about 30-130 dollars.


The problem with our category is that this is not something that would be commonly found in malls. We need to go out and search for specific clubs in the area. Tomorrow we will be heading out on the tram and taxi scoping out specific clubs. From our research currently it seems that different exercises are broken up into different locations. For example, yoga, power lifting, and more running/cardio seem to be separate.

Yesterday we received a handout at the mall about a fitness club. We thought this was an interesting place to be giving out collateral. Tomorrow we are going to seek out this club and see what it is all abou


After going to the economics lecture today at the Economic University of Krakow we found out some extremely useful information that can be used in our studies. Only 2/3 of Polish people participate in physical activity. This is not something they see as important and don’t believe in using it as prevention for things such as disease, etc. While going to the clubs tomorrow we are going to see how they seek out members and advertise to them if this is something not considered important in Poland’s culture.



Sarah Laughlin


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