We’re Not in Iowa Anymore

We’re finally here!

After short layovers in Chicago and Munich we are finally here! While we are all tired after our long flights and seven-hour time change, we are so excited to begin our adventure tomorrow in Krakow.

A first things we noticed that reminded us we were not in Iowa anymore was the obvious language barrier. While the barrier is low due to the many people who speak English, we will definitely need to brush up on our Polish vocabulary.

Although it was dark when we arrived in Krakow, we could still see the massive amounts of detail on the architecture, and the graffiti that added an extra flavor to the buildings. It also shocked us how many of the buildings were deteriorating externally, but were still inhabitable. It was really nice to see a large plaza area for foot traffic only with small shops, which is rather uncommon in the US as most outdoor shopping areas have streets, or are considered a mall and are indoors.

The biggest change we noticed was the food. While all international flights over three hours serve a meal, the meal usually is not gourmet by any means. Thus we were eager to see what the first dinner would be. We dined at a Restaurante C.K. Dezerter, where we were quickly lead to the back room decorated with copper pots on the walls and balloons everywhere to celebrate our arrival.


Our first course was a chicken broth with noodles, followed by the main course of battered and fried pork with cheese and a pickle inside! That was probably the biggest shock was finding a pickle in the middle of meat. Dessert was a type of apple-flavored compote with crisp edges. It was a very delicious meal, but very different from the Hubble meals we have become so accustom to at Drake, or even the cuisine in America is quite different.

Keep checking back daily for updates on our travels in Poland!

Na zdrowie! (Cheers!)

Jennifer Bailey


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