One Week Away!

In less than one week, our class will be boarding a plane in Des Moines, making shorts stops in Chicago and Munich, and landing in our first Polish destination. After settling into our first hotel, eating our first Polish dinner, and adjusting to a seven-hour time change, we will begin our exploration of the amazing city of Krakow!

Like most international travelers, we are anticipating a bit of culture shock during this adjustment. No one in our group has visited Poland before, so it will likely take a while for us to soak in all the “newness” of our surroundings. We will be immersing ourselves in this “newness,” in the culture (both past and current) of the country, to ultimately perform an ethnographic study of the advertising and communications practices in Poland.

As we start to pack, we’ll be watching this live video feed of Krakow to check the weather near our hotel and take a peek into the country we’ll be visiting very soon. Check it out!

Until then, na zdrowie! (Cheers!)

Maria Opatz


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